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Martin Williams

Mens League Champions 1978 - 2016                                                                                  

             Division 1              Division 2                Division 3                   Division 4                  Division 5                  Division 6

1978     Linthorpe             Redcar                    Hartlepool                                                                                      

1979     Yarm                     British Titan            Eldon Grove                                                                                   

1980     Saltburn               Hartlepool              Saltburn B                                                                                      

1981     Hartlepool           Redcar                    Great Ayton                                                                                    

1982     Hartlepool           Synthonia               Norton                       Hartlepool B                                                

1983     Linthorpe             Saltburn                  Nunthorpe                Topspin                                                        

1984     Hartlepool           Nunthorpe              Hutton Rudby           Nunthorpe B                                               

1985     Yarm                      Norton                    Yarm B                        Norton B                                                     

1986     Linthorpe             Stokesley                Guisborough             Saltburn B                  Linthorpe B               

1987     Linthorpe             Saltburn                  Saltburn B                  Marske                       Topspin                     

1988     Tennis World       Eldon Grove            Marske                       Topspin                      Marske B                  

1989     Yarm                      Yarm B                     Nunthorpe B              Nunthorpe C              Great Broughton       

1990     Yarm                      Billingham             Tennis World B          Guisborough              Marske C                   

1991     Yarm                      Saltburn                  Marske                       Wolviston                                                    

1992     Yarm                     Hartlepool              Topspin                      Billingham C                                                

1993     Yarm                     Nunthorpe B           Topspin                      Nunthorpe C              Hutton Rudby B        

1994     Nunthorpe           Topspin                   Tennis World B          Hutton Rudby B         Guisborough B         

1995     Nunthorpe           Redcar                     Nunthorpe C              Saltburn B                  Great Ayton B           

1996     Nunthorpe           Marske                    Norton                        Yarm C                         Thirsk                        

1997     Yarm                      Yarm B                     Eldon Grove               Nunthorpe D              Tennis World D         

1998     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

1999     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

2000     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

2001     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

2002     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

2003     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

2004     Tennis World       Saltburn                  Tennis World C           New Blackwell           Marske                      

2005     David Lloyd          Tennis World B      New Blackwell           Eldon Grove B             Yarm C                        Wellfield

2006     David Lloyd                                                                                                                                                

2007     David Lloyd                                                                                                                                                

2008     Tennis World                                                                                                                                             

2009     Tennis World       Billingham              Egglescliffe                Tennis World B          Eldon Grove C            Great Ayton B

2010     Tennis World       Acklam                     David Lloyd B             Hutton Rudby          David Lloyd C              Bishop Auckland

2011     Tennis World       Billingham              Tennis World B          Sedgefield B              Bishop Auckland        Greenfield

2012     Tennis World       Tennis World B       Eldon Grove B            Bishop Auckland      Saltburn B                  Yarm E

2013     Tennis World       Acklam                     Bishop Auckland       Acklam B                    Egglescliffe B             Saltburn C

2014     Tennis World       Sedgefield               Guisborough              Wellfield                    Greenfield                  Great Ayton B

2015     Tennis World       Yarm B                      Nunthorpe                 Hutton Rudby           Billingham B              Tennis World E      

2016     Tennis World       Bishop Auckland    Wellfield A                 David Lloyd C            Tennis World E            Wellfield B

2017    Tennis World        Great Ayton            Billingham                  Billingham B              Great Ayton B            New Blackwell  

2018    Tennis World A    Bishop Aukland       Hutton Rudby A        Yarm D                        Wellfield B                 Greenfield B