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Mixed Cup

      Mixed Knockout Cup       Mixed Knockout Cup    
      2019       2019    
    Update 4-Sep-2019       4-Sep-2019    
    Matches to be played on date stated
    All matches to begin at 2pm unless both teams agree otherwise
    Any disagreement, you must inform Anne Brown immediately.
    The first named team will play at home.
    The semi final fixtures will be decided at a later date
    All results must be either sent or emailed to Anne Brown within three days
    Teams to decided between themselves about putting a tea on
    The rule for the mixed cup has now changed to play ten,
    please read the rule in the handbook
  Match Sun 28th July       Sun 28th July    
  No   1st Round       1st Round    
  850 2pm Wellfield   v   Eldon Grove    
  851 2pm David Lloyd 1.5 v 7.5 New Blackwell    
  852 2pm Great Ayton 4 v 5 Bishop Auckland    
  853 2pm Yarm 9 v 0 Barnard Castle    
      Sun 11th August       Sun 11th August    
      Semi Final       Semi Final    
  854 2pm New Blackwell 0.5 v 8.5 Wellfield    
  855 2pm Bishop Auckland 5 v 4 Yarm Sunday 25th August  
      Sun 1st Sept       Sun 1st Sept    
      Final       Final    
  856 2pm Wellfield 6 v 3 Bishop Auckland